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What Parents Are Saying...

My child and I have 4 failed advocates. I found Maddox Solutions by happenstance on a Facebook group I belong to for support. She listened to me...all the way. Every concern, every insecurity was given to her by me and my son. I could literally feel her compassion for what my son and I have been through and immediately compassion had another layer that I can only describe as maternal level of determination. She came with me to my meetings and ensured that they were understanding our wishes to accommodate to the deficits from over the years. If nothing else, I will forever shout from the rooftops that Bethany Maddox CHANGED THE TRAJECTORY OF MY SONS LIFE!!! I am more grateful for her than I will ever be able to express. 100% RECOMMEND

-Jessica K

Bethany was an amazing advocate for my daughter. We started with a really crummy IEP in place that she turned into gold. I work full time and both of my children have extracurricular activities, but that didn’t stop her from being available any time I could meet. She made sure I was fully prepared and knowledgeable before the meeting, which she attended with me. 

I would 100% recommend Bethany to any family who is struggling to start, change, or make sure the school is following through with an IEP. 

-Amanda P

Words can not describe how amazing of a service Bethany provides! She is professional knowing regulations, laws and timing. She weeds through all the challenging and emotional events that come with the territory. Most importantly, she is also a mother that understands the support system that one needs to properly work through "the system". She CARES! If you are on the border of reaching out for help. I 100% recommend reaching out. She advocated/fought for what my child needed to be successful at school.


When we got connected with Bethany, we were feeling very frustrated with the IEP process in the schools. We had our child's IEP taken away by the school even with a qualifying diagnosis and yet we were getting weekly and sometimes daily calls and emails from frustrated teachers and school staff. We knew our child needed an IEP for support in the school but weren't confident that the school would agree. Bethany went above and beyond for our child. She thoroughly researched our case and prepared for our case conference like a lawyer preparing for court. We knew we were in very capable hands with her and it was proven by the way the school responded before we even got in the room for our case conference. Not only did the school reinstate our child's IEP, but they also thanked us for how much communication and preparation happened even before the meeting. Maddox IEP Solutions is not only helpful to parents needing an IEP for their child, but she is such a great resource for the schools as well. If Bethany could attend every case conference meeting, the entire experience would no longer be dreaded by schools or families. If you have a child with an IEP or suspect they may need one, do not hesitate on reaching out to Maddox IEP Solutions. It was the best thing we ever did for our child.

-Ashley M

A Teacher's Perspective....

Your child is the most precious possession you have, and their future is your top priority. You want to make sure your child is happy, safe, and in an educational supportive school. As a parent, you are expected to listen to and understand the language used to report data from test results. You are given Parental Rights and need be prepared to exercise them. While at the same time, you should be an active team member, questioner, creative thinker, and an advocate. You need to review your child’s goals and their IEP. All of this, while you are you are emotionally stressed about the whole process. It is virtually impossible! Take some of the burden off of yourself and let Bethany Maddox advocate for your child. She knows this exhaustive process and will help you navigate the complicated policies and numerous documents. She knows what to do when you do not agree with the results. Bethany will take the emotion out of the situation
and get everything your child is entitled to. She will have solid evidence to support your requests. Her knowledge and professionalism will be backed by the research needed to make her an extremely effective advocate. Your child’s future becomes her priority, as well as yours.

-Rita S

47 years of teaching experience
Licensed in Elementary Education and Special Education
Instructional Math Facilitator

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